Review: Author of Listicle “The Seven Guys You’ll Date in your Mid-to-Late Twenties” is Clearly Not Over #4.

“It starts out predictably enough – The Gym Rat, The Tech Bro, The Drummer - but once we hit The Grad Student, there’s a real shift in tone. For example: her recap of the snowy picnic, a date far too specific to be e-relatable, was so laden with bittersweet nostalgia that this reader was brought to tears, not to mention the entry was at least twice as long as any of the others. She attempts to regain her caustic wit for the next few tropes – The Drunk Rebound, A Different Grad Student – but by the time we hit the seventh entry, Stefan’s Roommate, it becomes less listicle, more litany; the author alternately begging for a reunion and cursing Stefan and ‘the scholarship he Rhodes in on.’”